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More on Hillary Clinton and Immigration Reform

Diggers Realm has a roundup of reaction in the blogosphere to Hillary’s stance on immigration reform. Digger also says a big “thank you” to Hillary for bringing this issue out in the open. I agree with him that this issue is important enough that we should be encouraged that someone is taking it seriously, even if that person isn’t a candidate I would naturally support.

While I probably would never vote for Hillary Clinton (imagine if she was running against Charlie Rangel as the Republican nominee chortle) the fact that she has dropped this issue wholeheartedly into the middle of these people who are taking a lame stance on it makes me smile. Just maybe these issue dodgers will actually look at the issue as a serious threat to their current positions and do something about it.

As most of the Citizens in this country want something to be done about illegal immigration there should be a big shout from the mountaintop that Hillary Clinton’s comments do actually mirror the majority in this country. Whether we would vote for her or not the people who won’t address it need to get off their butts and take a stance.

I am all for Hillary talking this issue up. And I doubt she’ll do anything about it if she were to be elected, but her talking about it places this issue in the public arena, which just might start some meaningful dialogue. This will force those who would rather ignore it to it to start giving this issue some critical attention.

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