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Orange Revolution Continues

It seems that the Orange Revolution may not be over yet. President-elect Yushchenko’s supporters blockaded the government headquarters to prevent Yanukovych, who was fired as prime minister by Ukraine’s parliament, from entering the building to attend a cabinet meeting. The demonstration was successful, although the Cabinet of Ministers did convene in another building without Yanukovych.

Yanukovych, however, remains defiant and has filed several legal appeals over the election’s result.

Ukraine’s defeated presidential candidate on Wednesday made a last-ditch but seemingly hopeless attempt to challenge the victory of his liberal opponent, Viktor Yushchenko.

Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, already forced by the opposition to pull out of his own cabinet meeting, has lodged complaints with the Supreme Court and the election commission over last Sunday’s presidential poll.

“These legal challenges are an attempt to draw the Commission out of its impartial stand and into politics. And that is impossible,” Central Election Commission head Yaroslav Davydovich said.

Yanukovich – clinging to his prime minister’s post by a technicality – has refused to concede defeat in the re-run of the Nov. 21 poll, when his victory was overturned by the Supreme Court because of massive fraud.

And in a news conference, a defiant Yanukovich also said he would not quit as premier even though it had become difficult to do his job and said his opponents were “quaking in their shoes.” We will soon say what we have to say.”

Asked by a reporter why he had not attended Wednesday’s cabinet meeting, he replied: “I am not obliged to account to you where I was or was not at any given moment.” he said.

Yanukovych sounds a bit defensive. My advice to him would be to get used to it. Having reporters nosing around in your business is a hallmark of democracy.

Ben Kepple, meanwhile, has compiled a list of arguments for Yanukovych to use before the Ukrainian Supreme Court. (From Dean’s World)