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Happy Blog Birthday to Me

Today marks a milestone for me. One year ago, I started Abstract Musings on Blogger. Actually, I posted two entries on October 18th of last year but they were the typical first post kind of blather, so I’ve chosen today to mark my blog’s birthday. Thanks to all the kind people whom I’ve met online, who have visited my humble virtual abode and have been so kind as to link to me. And a special thanks to my wife who has been very supportive of my blogging habit, and constant tinkering of both my blogs and my website. Here’s looking forward to another (hopefully, more productive) year.

To follow-up on the idea of looking forward, I decided a while back to spruce up the design of my blog. So, I joined the legion of people participating in the CSS Reboot Fall 2005 planning to unveil a new standards-based design on November 1st. So, come back then and see my new look.

I have also posted a new entry, Return to Cataloochee, in my Photos blog. My wife and I spent spent an afternoon in Great Smoky Mountains National Park a few weekends ago with the hope of spotting some elk during the rut. We were not disappointed.

Thanks again for stopping by and celebrating my blog birthday with me.